Support Services employees report to the Support Services Commander who is responsible for assisting in the advancement of the Department’s policing activities. The Division consists of sworn Police Officers, Jailers and civilian personnel. Primary responsibilities of the Support Services Division include the operations and management of the records administration, Radio Room Communications Center, Booking, Fleet Management, logistics and maintenance support of departmental equipment and infrastructure needs. The Support Services Division also serves as a departmental liaison to the General Public through The TRU Unit, reports, records checks and fingerprinting.

The Records Section: The front counter is open to the public Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5pm. A variety of services are available such as picking up reports, scheduling fingerprint appointments, record clearance letters and providing general information and referral assistance. The Division is responsible for maintaining the department records, processing and data entry, supporting patrol and investigations divisions.

The Communications Division: The Radio room receives telephone requests for police, fire, or other emergency assistance and transmits same to appropriate personnel. There is 1 Communications Supervisor, 3 Senior Dispatchers, and 7 Dispatchers that operate a variety of communications equipment twenty four hours a day. Dispatchers also check for wanted person and warrants through other agencies.

Fleet Management: The Office of Fleet Management is responsible for strategic planning, acquisition and maintenance of vehicles and large equipment to support City Wide functions. The Fleet Manager is responsible for over 200 different types of equipment including patrol vehicles, generators, trailers and other specialized equipment use to support the police department.

Facility Management: The Facility Manager is responsible for the day to day operations, planning and maintenance of three police department building located throughout the city.

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