A clear definition of the Patrol Function enables officers to know what actions are in concert with agency policy and thus facilitates the delivery of services to the community. The Patrol Division Responsible for the following major job task:

  • Preventative Patrol.

  • Crime Prevention Activities

  • Response to calls for services.

  • Investigation of crime incidents including arresting offenders.

  • Traffic Direction and Enforcement.

  • Maintenance of public order.

  • Providing emergency services.

  • Developing police relationships between citizens and the department.

  • Reporting of the information to the appropriate organizational components.


In the year 2013, 2 Officers from the Patrol Division were recognized at the Departmental Banquet. Cpl. Johnathon Branson was recognized as the Officer of the Year and Officer April DeBruhl was recognized as the Rookie of the Year.


Our community is our home and protecting our community is why we serve. While we protect our community through law enforcement, we also serve through programs and services designed to educate, inspire and motivate.

 Drug Abuse Resistance Education started in 1983 in Los Angeles under the leadership of Chief Darryl Gates. It was established to help children make good choices while dealing with peer pressure, bullying and other negative situations and to help children live a drug free life.

Monroe Police Department implemented this program in 1991. The mission of the D.A.R.E. Program is to be an informative aspect on drug awareness for adolescents ranging from pre kindergarten through sixth grade. The program is designed to help students become aware of the different types of issues they will face in life.

D.A.R.E. also teaches its students life skills, self-esteem building, learning how to say no, and knowing the consequences of their choices in life and the harmful effects of drugs. 


The O.K. Program was established in 1990 by Donald Northcross in Rancho Cordova, California. The O.K. Program is a mentoring program, which fosters partnerships between police agencies, schools, students, community members, and faith based groups to provide positive guidance and support to African American males between the ages of twelve and eighteen years old.The primary goal of the program is to reduce the high incarceration rate of young African American males.

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