From the desk of the Chief of Police

The Monroe Police Department dedicates itself to being at the forefront of the law enforcement profession by employing the most effective and efficient methods of providing quality police services. Members of the Department are leaders in initiating and maintaining the most innovative skills, tools and crime fighting techniques known. The positive relationships formed with the citizens of Monroe through neighborhood groups, schools, and businesses are the bases for the strong stance the Department takes against crime and the criminal element.

As we grow as a Department, we strive each day to accomplish our goals of service, responsiveness, integrity, safety, and mostly importantly professionalism. Each member of our Department works to service the public with honesty and a strong moral principal. We respond to the needs of the community while assuring that all requests for service at met. It is our ultimate goal to ensure that the citizens and visitors as well are safe as you live, work and play in the City of Monroe.

If at any time you need the services of the Monroe Police Department, call us!

“Always Around the City, Around the Clock.”

Administration Bureau

The Monroe Police Administration consists of two branches, the Executive Bureau and the Administrative Bureau. Under the Executive Branch, there is Assistant Police Chief Donald Bartley, Executive Officer- Corporal Reginald Brown, and Secretary to the Chief of Police- Kecia Hamilton. Under the command of the Executive Officer are the Internal Affairs Division, the Public Information Division and the Criminal Analytical Division.

The Administrative Bureau is under the Command of Major Mary Ann Mc Elroy and Assistant Bureau Commander Captain Kenneth Hancock.

The Special Operations Division of the Monroe Police Department is comprised of eight different divisions. This unit is responsible for providing support to the various divisions within the department in the area of training of current and new employees, the management of all critical incidents, and the planning and execution of security details for all special events. Within this unit there is the Special Response team which consists of the SWAT Team, Bomb Team, and the Dive Team. Also there is the OK Program which provides assistance to at risk youth and the D.A.R.E. Program as well as the Monroe Police Reserve Unit. It is the mission of the Special Operations Bureau to provide highly trained, dedicated officers to provide the citizens of Monroe with the expected level of service and protection.

Emergency Preparedness / Special Event Security

Plans and executes security details for nearly 100 annual events ranging from 5K runs to major parades and festivals.
Works with Homeland Security and City Officials on preparations for possible critical incidents such as major storms and hurricanes with the related issues (flooding, shelter opening and security for those affected, etc.)


Conducts the annual required 40 hours of re-certification training for all MPD Officers.
Conducts Firearms, Emergency Vehicle Operations, Domestic Violence, Taser, Computer, Radar, and Traffic Accident training to officers.

Provides outside training for MPD and other agencies.
Provides critical incident safety training for Monroe City Schools.
Assists with lock down drills with Monroe City Schools.
Assists with security assessments upon request.

Special Response Team


Executes high risk warrants
Barricades potentially dangerous suspects
Conducts approximately 180 hours of training
Assists with high profile security details

Negotiators – Hostage/Barricade/Suicide

Responds to Hostage, Barricade and Attempt Suicide incidents
Attempts to negotiate with suspect(s) for a safe surrender and release of hostage(s)
Works in conjunction with S.W.A.T.

Bomb Team

Responds to multiple bomb threat calls
Recovers or takes possession of different materials ranging from ammo to explosive material for disposal.
Provides support for major security details.
Provides support for barricade suspect SWAT call.
Conducts hours of training

Dive Team

Conducts 181 hours of dive training.
Responds to drowning multiple bodies of water
Assists other police divisions with suspect apprehensions

Reserve Unit

Provides manpower for nearly 100 events for the year.
Provides assistance to the patrol shifts with added manpower at different times.
Strictly a volunteer unit with members working details and patrol free of charge to events and to the City of Monroe.

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